PARIS - The Collection by Arts et Matières

It’s been called the most beautiful city in the world, the City of Lights, the City of Love and none of them do it justice. The truth is that we all have Paris in our hearts, whether it is a precious moment, an unforgettable story, a dream that changes you or a lifetime romance. Paris is effortless by simply being Paris. This is where my journey takes me. When the universe conspires and you finally meet that stranger that is destined to change your life. 


We met on a bridge called Le Pont de L’archeveché. He smiled and I melted. I guess that was enough; the attraction was there. More than anything, I remember the scent of jasmine, Lily of The Valley and peonies filling the crisp, fresh May air. We walked and talked and he told me his story and I told him mine.  I never felt so alive and suddenly it was all crystal clear. In the waters of the Seine,I saw the reflection of my dreams come true. 


Our strolls took us through Saint Germain de Pres, Montparnasse and Le Marais. Our first kiss was under the silver-green shade of a weeping willow tree at the Square du Vert-Galant. What is it about this city that makes me see and feel in a way that doesn’t happen anywhere else? I found that falling in love in Paris and with Paris evokes the same feelings. Filled with love and laughter, each street, each bridge, each park calls to mind a stolen moment, a timeless embrace and a mysterious scent. 


I wish this love to never die and found that no memory is possible without perfume. It has the power to transport you and it has the power to help you fall in love. Like Paris, perfume is ephemeral and eternal and it is from this truth that two strangers in love in Paris guide you through their memories of the city by creating the Arts et Matières Parfum Collection.