Voile de Vanille

 By Emmanuelle Juilliard

Floral, Oriental 


In the heart of the City of Lights, where passion and enchantment dance in the air, a fragrance emerges, unveiling the allure of romance. Voile de Vanille, a creation born from the oriental floral family, weaves a tale of sweetness, warmth, and unparalleled sensuality. It is a fragrance that awakens the senses, igniting desires and creating moments of pure magic.

As the fragrance caresses the skin, a symphony of base notes unfurls, inviting you into a world of unforgettable nights. The velvety embrace of Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, and Vanilla sets the stage for an intoxicating journey. Like a key that opens the door to hidden desires, these notes create an ambiance of seduction and allure.

At the heart of this fragrance lies a soft floral bouquet, an exquisite blend of Jasmine, Violets, and Lily of the Valley. Delicate and wild, these flowers entwine to create a captivating dance of beauty and grace. Their essence whispers of romance and longing, evoking emotions that stir the soul.

Topping this olfactory masterpiece are the exquisite notes of Mandarine, adding a touch of brightness and vibrancy. Like a flicker of anticipation, it dances upon the senses, drawing you deeper into the fragrance. A subtle hint of pepper lends a touch of spice, igniting a flame of passion that lingers in the air.

Voile de Vanille is the essence of a perfect evening, a fragrance that encapsulates the magic of shared moments and dreams come true. It is a scent for lovers, for those who believe in the power of connection and the beauty of intimate encounters. With each delicate note, it weaves a tale of love and longing, painting a picture of a world where fantasies become reality.

In the enchanting ambiance of Paris, as twilight casts its spell, embrace Voile de Vanille and let it transport you to a realm of endless possibilities. Allow its seductive aroma to wrap you in its delicate veil, guiding you through a journey of passion and bliss. With this fragrance, love becomes an experience, and dreams become tangible, as you create your own story of enchantment in the city of love.


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