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Compositions: Touche de Cardamome,Arôme d’Ambre and Ode Sensuelle.

After graduating from ISIPCA in 2003, Alexandra joined the ranks of DROM perfumers. There, she fully developed into the seasoned perfumer she is today: she loves working the raw materials such as patchouli for its vibrancy and sense of “life” once it touches someone’s skin. She also likes playing with edible notes and is very keen on musky, clean notes, evoking freshly washed linens.

One of her fondest olfactive memories is L’Heure Bleue de Guerlain, for its complexity and simplicity all at once.



Composition: Vent de Vetiver

Graduated from ISIPCA school of perfumery in 1983, Corinee started her career at Florasynth. She then joined the perfumers' team at Creations Aromatiques and finally joined DROM in 1994, where she has been a master perfumer ever since.

For Corinne, the perfumer profession is one of sensitivity, curiosity, and ongoing research. It is a privilege to do such a job, and it allows her to reproduce as faithfully as possible what nature has to offer.

Her olfactive universe is diverse and eclectic: sparkling green notes to sensual resins and balsams. She truly enjoys creating masculine notes with character, spices, and lots of contrasts, for Arts et Matières. Corinne let her creativity run free to develop Vent de Vetiver.


Compositions: Murmure de Rose, Voile de Vanille, and Instinct de Voyage

Emmanuelle received her diploma from the ISIPCA school of perfumery and worked in the Lancôme Research and Development laboratory. In 2006, Emmanuelle joined SOZIO. Inspired by her curiosity and love of travel to find new scents and olfactive memories, she always seeks to express her sensibility and sense of composition.


Her olfactive signature emphasizes the simplicity of rare ingredients while playing with the blends' sophistication to reveal the true emotion of fragrances. She is the author of scents for brands Dana, Laurent Dornel, and Comptoir Sud Pacifique amongst others, and has developed Murmure de Rose,Voile de Vanille, and Instinct de Voyage for Arts et Matières.


Composition: Bouquet de Jasmin

A graduate from the prestigious ISIPCA school of perfumery, Caroline has been a SOZIO perfumer for the past 13 years. Caroline loves precision, and as a perfectionist, she develops her accords methodically and patiently. Inspired by the utmost craftsmanship of the famous French “Maisons de Couture,” she has created exquisite fragrances for Chaumet, Givenchy, and Jaeger Lecoultre.


She also loves to experiment with scents for the beauty care market, where she has signed famous fragrances for Nuxe, Sothys, and Payot.
Caroline has a sweet tooth and tends to bring this playful aspect in her olfactive compositions.

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Touché de Cardamome

Touché de Cardamome

The fresh essence of green apple, and bergamot along with the chic elegance of cardamomo complete this timeless harmony of herbs and spices.

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