The Art of Emotion

One of the primitive senses that plays a vital role in triggering emotions and finding memories are the receptor cells in the brain. Receptor cells have direct contact with the external world and a relationship with the limbic system, the specific area of the brain where emotions regulate. Neurons evolve a system for detecting smells, which has the potential to evaluate trillions of different odor molecules at the speed of light.

Therefore when you smell a fragrance, it will invoke an instant feeling. Whether it is desire, sensuality, or freshness, the response of emotion depends on the fragrance's composition. You may link the compositions' smell to a specific person and an emotion depending on how that person makes you feel. For example, suppose you encounter a strong, sweet, and musky perfume, one in which a lot of "personal space" is created by its user. You look around in an attempt to locate the source and see a beautiful film star. The next time you sense the same aroma, you will feel allurement and excitement since it might be that beautiful film star.

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