Compositions: Touche de Cardamome,Arôme d’Ambre and Ode Sensuelle.

After graduating from ISIPCA in 2003, Alexandra joined the ranks of DROM perfumers. There, she fully developed into the seasoned perfumer she is today: she loves working the raw materials such as patchouli for its vibrancy and sense of “life” once it touches someone’s skin. She also likes playing with edible notes and is very keen on musky, clean notes, evoking freshly washed linens. One of her fondest olfactive memories is L’Heure Bleue de Guerlain, for its complexity and simplicity all at once.

When asked about developing scents reminiscent of Paris, Alexandra was truly inspired to create two masculine fragrances for Arts et Matières: Touche de Cardamome,Arôme d’Ambre and Ode Sensuelle.