Composition: Vent de Vetiver


Graduated from ISIPCA school of perfumery in 1983, Corinee started her career at Florasynth. She then joined the perfumers' team at Creations Aromatiques and finally joined DROM in 1994, where she has been a master perfumer ever since.

For Corinne, the perfumer profession is one of sensitivity, curiosity, and ongoing research. It is a privilege to do such a job, and it allows her to reproduce as faithfully as possible what nature has to offer.

Her olfactive universe is diverse and eclectic: sparkling green notes to sensual resins and balsams. She truly enjoys creating masculine notes with character, spices, and lots of contrasts, for Arts et Matières. Corinne let her creativity run free to develop Vent de Vetiver.