The Art Of Craft

"Perfumes are foods that reawaken the spirit." Muslim prophet Mohammed wrote. Their pleasing composition awakens each sense from the top to the bottom notes, and its olfactive journey immerses you in a delightful adventure. The field of perfumery is the perfect example of how creativity is born from science and art.

Think about all the scents of the different herbs, trees, leaves, flowers that you picked up while traveling and the possibilities of combining those themes into an artistic expression. The power of scent – subtle and straightforward or complex and powerful – can evoke memories, enliven perceptions, ground us at the moment, or transport us to a new world.

Perfumes have been crafted from natural plant and animal materials. Then, the materials are pressed, distilled, or expressed. The result of each method is an aromatic essence with a complex blend of molecules.



Before the manufacturing process begins, Arts et Matières must bring the initial ingredients to the house. Plant substances harvested from around the world enrich our perfumes with the highest quality scent. In Arts et Matières, we focus on the most luxurious ingredients, including but not limited to Carte Noire Mandarins from Spain.
We extract our oils using the expression process. Expression is the most traditional and least complex method of extraction. In this process, used in obtaining citrus oils from the rind, our fruits and plants are manually pressed until all the oil is extracted.


Once the perfume oils are extracted, they are ready to be blended according to our formula determined by our Nose. It may take as many as 700 different ingredients and several years to develop the unique Arts et Matières formula. Our Noses joined the ranks of DROM perfumers and graduated from ISIPCA school of perfumery with the necessary experience to craft a special formula. Our Eau de Parfums only contain 10% alcohol,70% oil extract, and 20% water. Arts et Matières Perfumes age for at least one year until our Noses determine the right amount of aging time needed.


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